At first glance, the house looks ordinary, but the interior decoration is amazing

In one of the US states, a house with an unusual interior design is put up for sale.

From the outside, this is the most ordinary house. However, when buyers cross the threshold, they enter the cartoon world.

The first thing that catches your eye is the multi-colored walls, which are decorated with colored patterns.

Paintings and still-lifes are hung on the walls. There are so many of them that it’s dizzying.

All rooms have an abundance of furniture.

Pieces of furniture are everywhere, there is no general free corner. But this apparently was not enough for the owners.

They placed various figurines and interior items on all the cupboards, shelves and tables.

It is not clear what the owners were guided by and what this style is called. Maybe they were fans of cartoons or fairy tales.

The entire living room was occupied by a long sofa with a dozen colorful cushions.

The fireplace is also painted pink and has a crimson blue rug in front of it.

The kitchen was also decorated, all the furniture was pink and crimson, the chairs had fringed cushions embroidered.

The whole house seems to be a mess, although in fact everything is in its place.

From the abundance of objects and colors it ripples in the eyes. The design of the house is very similar to the fairy tale “Alice in Wonderland”.

Perhaps the owners were very fond of this story, or maybe they fulfilled the whim of the children.

Although the house is in good condition and is being sold relatively cheaply, it has not yet found buyers.

Could it be the interior? After all, no one wants to pay later for repairs to redo everything.

Everyone has different tastes, and we all feel comfortable in different ways.

Perhaps the owners of the house were creative people and felt very good in such a house.

But from the point of view of psychology, a person feels calm in calm colors.

And the fewer interior items, the more calming the atmosphere.

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