A woman folded a mosaic floor of 7,500 pieces.

There are so many different interests and activities you can meet while meeting new people. Especially people begin to devote more time to their hobbies when they retire or are in quarantine. American Kylie Graham bought a new house and decided to make an original renovation. Ever since her student years, she loved to collect different coins. That’s how she got the idea to decorate the house with coins. She began to buy gold and silver coins. When the right amount was available, she began to work.

It was necessary to prepare the surface and choose a pattern. Kylie chose a pattern in folklore style. The long and hard work began. The woman laid the coins with sealant, and then varnished them in several layers. Kylie started polishing the floor in 2015 and thought she’d be finished in a couple of months, but the work has spread over five years.

The difficulty was that the coins were not even, and the colors of the coins were not always the same.

Sometimes she had to fix the work and collect a new batch of coins. The woman changed her mind several times that she started this design, but the result was so beautiful that she forgot all the difficulties. The mint under shimmered with golden and silver hues and it was very suitable for the interior of the house.

Kylie was so inspired by her work that she decided to decorate another wall and floor with coins in another room. This time she finished in a year, as she had already adapted to the work. Nobody will find this kind of handmade repair anywhere else. Friends and acquaintances were delighted with the coin design.

Тhey were even afraid to walk on the floor so rough and expensive it was look like. Here’s a handmade Kayla turned out. The period when she repaired the floor coincided with the quarantine. It is interesting what else an inventive American woman will come up with, if suddenly she again will stay at home for a couple of months.

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