15-year-old gave his mum his first salary and found it in a drawer after 62 years

We all remember our first earned money. This is a special sense of self-worth and independence.

And it doesn’t matter what time a person earns his first money. It is at this moment that he truly feels like an adult.

At a young age, we are full of strength and energy, and it seems to us that everything in life is possible.

After all, whole life is still ahead. It also happened to 15-year-old Michael Dwerty, who decided to earn extra money after school.

The boy grew up without a father and really wanted to help his mother, who alone provided for the family.

From an early age, the boy dreamed of growing up and helping his mother.

And in high school, he found a part-time job with one master as an assistant student.

The work was not difficult and he even managed to do homework during breaks.

When he got his first money, he could have spent it on anything. It was his money, after all.

But he decided to give his first salary completely to his mother.

Years passed, Michael grew up, studied and got a good job.

62 years have passed since that day. And one day, an elderly man was cleaning the drawers of the house and found the very money that he then gave to his mother.

This was such a valuable find that Michael even shed tears. After all, his memories took him back to the distant 50s of the 19th century, when he was still a boy.

He showed the money to his mother, who is already 104 years old. Despite her age, the woman is healthy and of sound mind.

She, too, was very touched by the discovery of her son. She completely forgot about the money.

On the day when her son brought her the first salary, she was very proud of him. And she set aside money to spend it on something valuable and forgot about it.

There was only two pounds, but at that time it was quite a large amount. Holding them in his hands, Michael felt like a little boy.

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