The woman lived in the house for 12 years and decided to clean the ventilation. In the pipe, she found a stack of letters sent 80 years ago.

How often do we do general house cleaning?

There is not always enough time to look into all corners, but sometimes we have.

An unusual incident occurred in one family when a woman decided to look into her ventilation shaft.

She never opened it. But this time the woman took a vacation and decided to thoroughly clean the house, including the basement,

attic and ventilation shaft. And this is what she found there: a whole pile of sealed letters wrapped in thread.

It is not known how many years they lay there and from whom they were obtained but from a thick layer of dust and faded ink

it was possible to determine that they had been lying for a very long time.

After rubbing the letters thoroughly from dirt, the woman could not resist and read them.

It turned out that the letters were love letters from a girl, most likely addressed to a young man who used to live in this house.

She confessed her love to him and wrote how much she misses him and is waiting for him for Christmas.

Judging by how often the letters were sent, apparently her chosen one answered very rarely, and maybe not at all.

In the evening, having shared an interesting find with her family, she decided to give the letters for examination and determine their age.

The family bought the house 12 years ago, but even before them it was not known how many times the house was bought and sold.

The analysis showed that the letters were written around the 40s of the 19th century, that is, they lay in the shaft for about 80-90 years.

Their contents indicated that the girl who wrote the letters was in love with a young man, but he did not reciprocate her feelings.

Such a romantic and sad love story from the past.

The woman did not throw out the letters and left them to be stored this time in the attic.

Maybe after the same number of years someone else will discover them and plunge into the last century,

reading lines with faded ink and the smell the past like a book.

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