The man collected logs and construction waste for several years, then built a house out of them in the forest. Very soon the house was noticed by architects and friends wanted the same

An amazing project of building a house was conceived by a man.

He decided to build a house from construction debris and unnecessary material.

But when he shared his idea with his friends, they started laughing at him.

The man was very offended by this reaction and decided not to discuss his ideas with anyone else.

Silently he began to collect and process the materials needed for construction.

This was a difficult job that took almost three years. He collected old and unnecessary boards from building companies,

and along with that found wood in the forest. After he processed it all into the form he needed.

When everything was ready, he started to build.

The man chose place for the house at the edge of the forest where tall and powerful trees grew.

The foundation was made up of nine pillars which he strengthen with concrete.

According to the project, the house was supposed to be in the air. In fact, he stood on stilts.

The house turned out to be two-story. The man made the living room completely open.

It turned out like a terrace with a wonderful view of the forest.

The kitchen and showerroom were on the same stage. On the next floor there are three bedrooms and a small balcony.

It took four years to build the house.

When the man completed the work, the house became known throughout the district.

In addition, he towered above the trees and it was impossible not to notice him.

It was written in newspapers and on websites about the house, and the author of the project gave a lot of interviews,

describing in detail the whole process of work.

Seeing finally result, the owner’s friends were pleasantly surprised. After all, they thought it was just his fantasy.

Meanwhile, the man thought about the construction for many years.

He was engaged in architectural drawing, but always dreamed of constructing something unique.

And finally he brought his ideas to life. By building a house from waste, he solved the problem of garbage and housing.

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