The baby did not confess to stealing dog food and became an Internet star.

The ability to prove one’s innocence must be developed from childhood. Two-year-old Liliana lives in Jacksonville, Florida with her mother Sarah and father Tim. A girl is a source of endless fun for her parents.

The couple recently shared a funny video featuring Liliana. The baby was playing with the dog and began to steal food from her bowl. Mom and dad noticed this and began to ask why the girl was doing this.

But Liliana confidently declares that she did not take any food. Despite the fact that she was caught “at the scene of the crime,” the girl does not agree to anything and stands her ground: “I did not take any food.”

The baby does this with such persistence that it is simply impossible not to laugh. One can only be amazed at the perseverance of a two-year-old child who stands his ground to the last. Just look, Liliana is absolutely sure that she is right. “Yes, I didn’t touch it and that’s it! What are you tied to?” And how funny she walks, argues with her parents and artistically gesticulates. In the comments, users write that the baby in the future will definitely be either a lawyer or an actress. So she proves her case that her parents began to think, or maybe she really didn’t take anything.


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