My shepherd got a girlfriend

I have a large German Shepherd Thor. I work at customs, and I need a dog for work as well. To keep the dog in shape, every day, regardless of the weather, we go to the dog playground to train. Usually it is difficult to take him out of there – he would still drive and drive.

And then recently, my four-legged friend ran for about 10 minutes and abruptly somehow got ready to go home. How is it?!

I look, Thor turns his muzzle away from me, but there is clearly something in his mouth. I selected, and this is a kitten! Quite small, skinny, dirty as much horror! I looked at my cat rescuer, took the kitten in my pocket and we returned home.

First of all, I fed this miracle. It also didn’t know how to lap, I had to give a little bit of milk from a syringe. Then I washed the baby. Thor sat beside him, holding his breath and barely blinking. How many times the kitten squeaked, so much Thor shuddered. During the wash, I determined that it was a girl. Only this was not enough for me!

Finally, the procedure was completed, wrapped in a towel, put on a chair, let it warm up. Thor came up, very carefully took the bundle and carried it to his couch. There he surrounded her and calmed down. While the kitten was sleeping, he only blinked his eyes, then he dozed off himself. I went to the pet store to buy a flea collar, a tray and a bowl. At home, the kitten had already woken up and was crawling on the floor, and Thor, with a touching expression on his face, was crawling after him. I began to think about what to name our new girlfriend. I found on the Internet that the god Thor had a daughter, Modi. So he called it. Now this little bandit builds us as she wants! Thor can’t breathe on her, he can’t walk and has to carry her with us to work. Recently a neighbor came in, Thor is friends with him. And then Modi got jealous, took her to his corner and did not let her out until the neighbor left. And someone says that dogs and cats are at enmity!

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