Amazing flexibility for a pensioner: Arnold Schwarzenegger staged a new draw

Great athletes remain them until the very end. Here, for example, the actor and bodybuilder, Arnold Schwarzenegger, even though he has already celebrated his 72nd birthday, still demonstrates miracles of flexibility. As he himself says, stretching is as important as muscle mass. And since you have to sit in quarantine, then it’s time to exercise. In corporate style, with a cigar in your mouth!

Not a split, of course, but a very, very good stretch for a 72-year-old!

Yes, Iron Arnie is an old man, which many people forget

But age has no power over a man who has won competitions for the most athletic body in the world dozens of times!

Now Arnie is in quarantine, but “sitting” is the wrong expression. Trains!

The surreal sight of a gray-haired “jock” with a cigar, performing such bends!

Oops. It was a prank.

And no one suspected anything until the last moment. This is how you should spend your time – with sports and jokes!

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