3rd grade student Tombo the cat went on a real strike when he was not allowed to go to school

In the Turkish city of Izmir, a year ago, a ginger kitten was thrown to an elementary school. The children immediately took him under their care, began to feed and play with him, and since then the animal has become a welcome guest in this school.

Most of all, the cat fell in love with students of the 3rd grade. The school staff were not at all against such a friend, they took him to the veterinary hospital, where he was treated for parasites, and the children gave him a name – Tombo.

The teachers began to notice that the cat has a very positive effect on the students, the children in the classroom became more calm, cautious, no one screams, everyone is afraid to scare Tombo. And the cat, in turn, also behaves very decently in the classroom, he can even help turn the pages of books, but what’s there, he listens very carefully to the teacher himself!

Children often make up stories and make presentations about their tailed friend. But as they say: you will not be nice to everyone. One of the parents did not like the presence of the cat at the lessons at all, and he wrote a complaint to the higher authorities.

Therefore, it was decided to assign the cat to a new home and not allow him to go to school. But poor Tombo was so exhausted, he stopped eating and drinking, it was clear that the cat was very bored, the animal was fading before his eyes. Upon learning of this, the school management decided to accept the caudate into the staff.

They even started a personal file on him, they put all the certificates and certificates of his vaccinations there, and also made a list of job responsibilities.

The return of Tombo became a real holiday for the students, he began to attend the third grade again, he is even called the director of this class.

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