Wedding in the United Arab Emirates – expensive and rich

An Arab wedding is an expensive and simply unforgettable event. Despite the fact that the Emirates is a rather modern and dynamic country, a wedding here is shrouded in many traditions. So, fathers decide everything for the young. Children of different sexes can play with each other up to 9 years old, therefore it is normal for the bride and groom to not know each other. However, modern parents feel sorry for their children, so they can give them the opportunity to get to know each other before the wedding day.

A separate conversation is the bride’s dress: that’s really where it’s really expensive and rich. And the entire average Emirati sheikh wedding costs $100,000, and often much more.

However, for such a rich country, this is quite a lifting amount. Also, the dowry of an Arab girl costs a lot of money.

So, first, a luxurious engagement is celebrated. With songs and dances. Then the preparations for the wedding itself begin. It takes a whole year, and a couple of months before the event, servants begin to distribute invitations to neighbors and family friends.

The last week the groom is surrounded by his relatives, the bride sits in her room and waits for X hour in the simplest outfit: it is believed that thanks to this she will become more beautiful.

Sometimes, in addition to the wedding itself, according to the traditional rite, official registration is also carried out, with the conclusion of a marriage contract. The bride can be at this event, but only accompanied by her brothers or father. Now the couple is officially married, but they still cannot live together. And then the holiday begins. It is celebrated in the girl’s house, then in the boy’s house. Both dwellings are luxuriously decorated. If the wedding is celebrated in separate rooms for men and women, ladies are allowed to take off their headscarves and dance. But only until the moment when the young man and his relatives come for the bride. But what is there to tell – you have to watch and enjoy the oriental tale.

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