An unusual rabbit was saved from euthanasia and he became an Internet star

This unusual rabbit is called Mr. Bigglesworth. One day, the owner of a “special” rabbit saw an ad on Facebook.

Some man was selling rabbits, however, under the photo of a hairless animal there was an inscription: not for sale. The woman wondered why he was not for sale. Today we will tell about the life of this cutie.

The man thought that no one would buy him, because he was without hair and was about to put him to sleep. The woman decided to save him and ransomed the baby. That’s how Mr. Bigglesworth moved into the Halls’ house.

To date, the rabbit is toilet trained, he eats a lot and walks around the house in socks, as he is a real frostbite.

One day, his owner shared photos of her pet on the Internet, and Mr. Bigglesworth instantly turned into an Instagram star.

Now a huge audience is following the life of the rabbit, who simply adore this handsome man! Do you like this cute animal?

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