You’ve never seen a lazier dog: Sparky’s pit bull rides on his belly instead of walking

A fighting dog named Sparky lives in Brazil, but now she is known far beyond the borders of the country. Silvio Parise Salvana – the owner of the dog – said on the Internet that his pet was completely unprepared to do something. He not only cannot be trained and does not learn commands, but he does not even want to walk …

It should be mentioned: the animal is doing well with health, and its weight is fully consistent with the standards of the breed. Just by nature, Sparky is incredibly calm and phlegmatic, and now this is no longer typical for such dogs. However, there is a plus in the total laziness of the pit bull: it allows you to dress yourself up in the most ridiculous costumes for the amusement of the owner and users of social networks.

Stubborn terrier sprawls across road and refuses to go home after walk |  Daily Mail Online

Would another dog agree to this?

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