After the haircut of the dog, the owner could not recognize him

Each person after visiting the hairdresser changes a little. The same thing happens with our smaller brothers. At least with a Nanuk Samoyed.

Once a resident of the United States, Carly Koka, took the dog to the groomer. The owner asked to trim the long hair around the ears and paws. However, the groomer probably did not hear the request. After all, when Carly came to the salon for her pet, she simply did not recognize him.

Instead of a very fluffy dog, they brought her an actually hairless dog. The girl even had to call her by her nickname to make sure that this was exactly the same Nanook. Carly had a strong feeling that her dog had changed the breed. Now she looks like some kind of bull terrier.

However, judging by the mood of the dog, she liked this hairstyle more than the previous one. The groomer confirmed that the dog is much better this way. Carly did not sue him, but vowed to contact this master sometime in the future.

It takes twelve months for the Samoyed’s hair to grow back. And since they live in hot Florida, the pet’s skin will certainly need to be protected from the scorching sun with a cream, and perhaps even put on a special T-shirt. Carly hopes that Nanook’s regrown hair will be as beautiful as it was before shearing.

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