The horse, recognized as the smallest in the world, was born in the Leningrad region

The foal Gulliver is an unusual horse that was born in the Leningrad region in the village of Skotnoye. Initially, it was half the size of its counterparts.

В Ленинградской области родился возможно самый маленький конь в мире -  Новости -

At birth, the foal’s height was only 29 centimeters, which is very small. As for the weight, it was only 3 kilograms. Over the next 3 months, the growth of the foal increased by only 10 centimeters, and it seems completely tiny compared to its parents. As for the health of the foal, it is excellent. In fact, this is a purebred and healthy foal, but very small.

Самый маленький жеребенок в мире родился в Ленинградской области | РИА  Новости Медиабанк

Gulliver’s parents are multiple winners who have taken part in a huge number of exhibitions. It is not surprising that this foal is predicted to have an excellent career.

Как выглядит самая маленькая лошадь в мире

According to breeders, he will not grow big, but up to a maximum of 50 centimeters. And of course, everyone would like Gulliver to be able to pass on to offspring. However, only time will tell how events will develop in the future.


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