A kitten from the street found a home, a loving family and a best friend

Jennifer Boyle was very fond of cats and horses, which were always present in her house.

All of them lived for many years as a big friendly family.

The woman did not even imagine that coca and horses would become friends. Everything changed when Champy and Morris appeared in her house.

Nine-month-old kitten Morris has spent his entire life on the street, he has never had a loving family and friends.


At first he was wary of the big pushy Champy. The pet patiently continued to demonstrate its friendliness and good intentions.

A week later, Morris got comfortable in the house and gave up, began to demonstrate reciprocal friendliness. Soon the two pets became best friends. They spend most of their time together.

Even in bad weather, the animals do not sit at home, but walk outside in raincoats.

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