The cat can wake up the owner even on New Year’s Eve at 5 am

They say every animal has its own biological clock. But this cat has a real alarm clock, and set to a specific time – exactly 5:00. Once a day, you can check the clock on it, and the owner knows this well.

Your Kitty Alarm Clock - Cat Behavior Alliance Inc | a 501(c)3 Non-Profit  Cat Wellness Organization

And in winter, and in summer, and on holidays, and on weekdays, the pet continues to carry out its ritual. Even obstacles cannot leave the cat and prevent him from completing his task. The closed door to the bedroom will not stop him either, because the cat has come up with a new way of waking up. Without crossing the threshold, at exactly 5 o’clock he achieves his goal and wakes up any owner. Even people can envy such ingenuity!

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