The artist creates unique hyper-realistic portraits

The canvases of the artist Philipp Weber are unique, fresh and very original. No one can suspect him of imitating and borrowing ideas from the masters of the brush of past centuries. Only a few early works evoke memories of baroque splendor in satin and silks.

Weber, using a large format, forces the observer to step back in order to fully appreciate the content of the canvas. The plots of this artist are formed at photo shoots with models.

The position and character of a woman is determined by the artist himself – but, the decisive moment for artistic interpretation lies within the unrepresented.

This is a moment of rest, during which the adopted posture remains external to the facial expression of the model, the woman’s aura. This is an attempt to capture the reality of a person, which lies beyond the limits of what exactly is manifested. And by including the names of women in the title of the picture, Philip Weber emphasizes this important aspect.

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