Lyudmila sheltered a flock of swans for the winter, she saved them

This wonderful couple became parents rather late. They hatched chicks at the moment when it was time to fly to warmer climes. But, they could not overcome this path, so they simply did not have the strength. As a result, the whole family stayed at home on the pond.

They lived near the village of Muromtsy, near Pskov. The winter was quite warm, and until mid-February they could rest quietly on the pond. True, by the end of winter there were severe frosts, and the reservoir began to freeze. As a result, the birds began to look for new housing. In search of help, they decided to turn to people.

Caring villagers began to feed the swans, and with the help of the media, they found housing for the birds. True, local zoos could not arrange them, because there was not enough funding and a place for their habitat.

The new owner was Lyudmila, who owns a chain of restaurants in the city of Ostrov. The woman took them without thinking. As many as seven birds. She even has her own birds that live in the house. For several weeks of nursing the swans, Lyudmila was able to restore the strength of the swans. She fed them frozen vegetables, fruits, fish.

Just imagine that there are still people in the world who are able to help others without any problems.

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