Her husband beat her and called her a scrubber, but the woman decided to leave. How has her life changed?

The story of Fatima will be useful to many women. The girl married at the age of 17 for a man whom her relatives chose for her.

In marriage, she gave birth to two daughters, but was not happy. Her husband repeatedly raised his hand to her, called her grayness and scrubbing, but Fatima endured such an attitude for many years.

Everything changed when her eldest daughter returned to her parents’ house to pick up her mother.

The girl insisted that Fatima leave her eccentric husband, and settled her in her apartment.

Relatives were outraged by such behavior of women, but failed to convince them to change their minds.

The daughter tried to do everything to make her mother feel beautiful again. They visited a beauty salon, where Fatima was transformed beyond recognition.

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