German Shepherd is a wonderful dog

German Shepherds are known for their loyalty to their owners. They lend themselves perfectly to training, they carry out all commands without exception. The owner must be responsible and disciplined. These qualities are considered mandatory for keeping such a large dog. A person should know the characteristic features of German Shepherds. Despite its large size, seriousness, formidable appearance, a pet can become a devoted friend, an excellent nanny, a partner for games.

See for yourself:

• The kid is still very small, but already now it is a formidable beast; • The puppy has grown a little, stands confidently on its paws. Are you afraid to even approach?

• A real beast!

• Save yourself from this dangerous beast!

• Very harsh!

• German Shepherds can guard the house and sit with the child;

• Dogs get along well with other pets…;

• and other dogs of any breeds;

• Shepherd can sleep at any time of the day. If an outsider approaches, she will instantly wake up and give a signal!;

• German Shepherds are patient, they are good with children, friends of the owner;

• Dogs love to travel;

• In terms of intelligence, German Shepherds stand out among their relatives;

• Hooliganism is also present in their character;


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