A man prepared a dressing room for his wife from an old attic

Every woman has a lot of things that are not easy to put away in closets. The request is out of space. A resident of America Idali Cabrera was lucky. She is married to a wonderful man who managed to create a unique wardrobe in the attic.

Long enough, Idali couldn’t cram the contents of her wardrobe into the numerous closets and drawers throughout the house. It was then that her husband Rodolfo decided to make a new dressing room. To do this, he converted the attic. The man spent only three weeks on the repair work, and used only home-made materials. Sometimes he turned to construction stores for help.

To make a wardrobe, Rodolfo installed a beam, the size of which reached 2 by 4 meters. And to put it on the frame, I prepared a drywall wall.

After that, he managed to make shelves out of wooden boards, as well as paint the cabinet in soft shades of gray. In a similar way, he gave the dressing room a modern and unique look.

The floor was covered with PVC laminate. “To make the cabinet, I used timber for the frame and drywall. After that, I had to plaster it, preparing it for painting. He made the shelves from boards that he found in the barn, ”this is how Rodolfo describes his work.

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