A loving couple adopted fifteen stray dogs

Losing a pet is always a big stress for the whole family. After such an event, it seems as if you will never take a pet home again, so as not to suffer again after a big loss. So did Mantas and Rasa. A couple of years ago they flew to rest in Thailand. One day they suddenly heard a phone call. A familiar voice announced that their beloved dog had fallen ill and died at the age of ten.

The couple were incredibly upset. At first, they were absolutely against having a new pet, but later they decided to bring a small puppy from Thailand. When Rasa and Mantas went to search for him on the island of Kuta, they were confused. After all, many stray dogs roamed this island.

Then the couple returned to Lithuania, took their second dog and returned back to Thailand. There, for a start, they sheltered one, then a second, a third dog. They just couldn’t stop. After all, the animals were very sorry. Someone from the lame, someone had big vision problems, but the couple took everyone they found.

Soon as many as fifteen pets settled in their house. The couple gradually learned to treat wounds and various ailments themselves, and now they can pass for veterinarians, continuing to help their beloved dogs.

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