When naughty hair does not prevent you from leaving the salon as a spectacular makeover

Who, if not the owners of lush and unruly hair, knows how difficult it is for a hairdresser to give elegance to a hairstyle from such hair? Make a rebellious “washcloth” an example of style and taste?

To do this, the stylist must first choose the right color to color the hair and it is in harmony with the color and skin tone. And aerobatics – so that the color of the hair does not change dramatically, but their tips are highlighted. This gives a great contrasting “foggy” effect, refreshing the image of a girl.

The second stage – hair straightening – the master does a kind of “Botox” to the hair. This procedure tames the violent temper of the hair, makes it less elastic and softer, more manageable.

This allows you to experiment with hair, using a variety of techniques and creating any, even the most fashionable look.

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