Touching friendship – how a house cat became a nanny for a newborn girl

One day Stéphanie de Munari was working on her farm.

She drew attention to a fluffy big cat, circling all day at her feet.

Apparently the cat was homeless. It was so good that Stephanie decided to keep it.

She named him Tiger. The young woman was expecting a baby. When Sofia was born, the cat transferred her love to the baby.

He seemed to protect the baby from unknown danger, being next to her all the time. The tiger obviously liked to play with the girl, but he never allowed himself to let go of his claws or bite the child.

Stephanie was calm for Sophia if Tiger was around. She watched fondly as the fluffy nanny rocked her baby girl to sleep with her purr.

Over time, the girl and the cat became inseparable friends.

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