The pensioner was offered almost half a million for a cat

Leva the cat is unique: it is an intellectually developed animal that not only understands commands, but is also actively involved in sports. All thanks to its owner – Peter Petrovich.

Leva was born in Mongolia and spent his childhood roaming with his mother cat. The harsh fate of stray cats brought the kitten to a military base.

So the young cat found a new friend and stayed at the military base. When the man finished his service, he decided to take adult Leva with him.

Back in Kaliningrad, the owner introduced Lev to his grandfather, Pyotr Petrovich. And who would have known that grandfather had the talent of a trainer? Soon the whole town heard about the smart cat.

The old man taught the cat many tricks, they became inseparable. Another striking feature of Leva was her collar, which the cat received from his wife. According to Petr Petrovich, once he was offered to trade Leva for a car.

Another person offered to buy a cat for 450,000 rubles. But the friend is not for sale.


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