The man met the bear, which he raised himself

Bear Sonya was orphaned as a child. She spent all this time in a specialized center where orphaned animals live – Otisville (Michigan). One of the centre’s employees, Jonathan, was with the little bear all the time. He cared for her, fed her, amused her. Sonya was able to remember such kindness and recognized Jonathan many years later.

The man had already retired from the center for orphans, but could not forget his ward. Therefore, he decided to visit her, but he didn’t expect Sonya to recognize him immediately. During the separation, the bear noticeably grew and became simply huge. However, as soon as she heard Jonathan’s voice, she immediately rushed towards him.

Center staff recorded the encounter between Jonathan and Sonya. The video clearly shows how happy old friends are to see each other. Sonya literally threw herself into his arms and hugged him with her paws. In addition, she allowed herself to be stroked, scratched her belly, which signifies the animal’s absolute trust in man.

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