Every day the cat begs for meat in the store and takes it somewhere

One day, a ginger cat came to the butcher’s. He started begging the vendor and buyers for meat as a treat. The visitors and the seller remained indifferent to him and chased him away. True, the next day he reappeared in the store, sat down next to the counter and began to wait calmly. So the saleswoman took pity on him and treated him with pieces of meat. The cat did not eat them, but left them in its mouth. Where he went, no one knew. So did the cat every day, until the woman decided to follow him.

As a result, it turned out that the ginger cat decided to feed another cat, which was under a concrete slab. He had an injured leg.

The saleswoman had to collect the sick kitten and bring it to the clinic’s veterinarian. Then she took the red-haired beggar to her house. She just couldn’t separate her friends. The kitten’s paw was cured and the doctors said the cats are not relatives, they are just good friends who managed to help each other.

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