The polar bear covered more than 500 km in search of food

Melting snows and lack of food make polar bears take desperate steps. This bear traveled approximately five hundred kilometers from the Kara Sea to Norilsk in search of food. She showed no particular aggression towards people. Therefore, fortunately, no one thought to shoot her.

Now the animal was caught and sent to the zoo. Here the she-bear will stay while the veterinarians will deal with her rehabilitation. After all, after such a forced march, the animal was exhausted. Those who saw the bear noted that she walked with difficulty and even blinked. She stopped to rest at almost every step. She staggered around in search of food from trash can to trash can.

Remains of foil, cellophane and even stones were found in the bear’s excrement. This is what the unfortunate woman had to eat all this time. The veterinarians found that the waste she ate severely damaged her bowel function.

In order not to burden the digestive system, at first the she-bear was allowed to eat a little. But the amount of food is gradually increased. According to the zoo staff, the beast reacts to people with a growl. In principle, this is normal. So the bear is not stressed. When the body of a wild animal is restored, it will be returned to its natural habitat. I would like to believe that there the bear will still be able to eat normally and will have as little contact with people as possible. She had better stay away from them. After all, next time everything may end more sadly.

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