Rescuers wanted to take the old cat, but they were in for an incredible surprise

This story takes place in North Carolina. Rescuers received a signal that the old 17-year-old cat was left all alone: the owner died, the owner was in the hospital.

Rescuers went to pick up the poor man, but they were in for a fun surprise!

As it turned out, the old cat was not alone, but with a friendly company: a mother duck with a duckling, a mother cat with four kittens, a lonely cat and four puppies. And the rescuers took all this motley company in bulk!

The most affectionate of all – the mother cat – did not mind at all that the rescuers examined her cubs. The most curious one – an incredibly fluffy yellow duckling – walked around the kittens and examined them thoughtfully. Perhaps he just wanted to learn cat language?

And the kittens – white, red, black and tricolor – perceived the duckling as their relative and constantly tried to hug him.

Now everything is fine with all the animals: the duck and the duckling have already found owners, the lonely cat is also placed in good hands, the kittens should grow up a little more and undergo the sterilization procedure.


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