Caring people saved a tiny cat weighing only 50 grams

The little cat was only six days old. She was left without a mother and would have died if a kind person had not taken her to the vet. She weighed only 50 grams! Can you imagine how small she was? A normal newborn kitten weighs twice as much.

Despite her tiny body, she fought desperately for life. The veterinarian joked that the kitten had a warrior spirit. The kitten needed special care. As a result, she was left without maternal care. As a rule, kittens that do not drink their mother’s milk have very low immunity and can easily get sick and die.

Fortunately, in the USA there is a special fund for saving kittens in a crisis situation. The cat nurse enrolled this girl in a charity program. The baby was placed in a special incubator, maintained at a normal temperature and given antiviral drugs. They also made a special jumper for her to keep her warm and dry.

Thanks to caring care, she is now gaining weight. A few days later it was already bigger. On day 16, she weighed 143g, normal weight for a one week old kitten.

Caring for kittens is a very painstaking task and, in addition to feeding, includes cleaning the eyes, ears and teeth, combing the coat, and bathing. In this case, it is necessary to use only special tools and tools that can be purchased at a pet store. You also need to take care of timely vaccinations to protect your pet from dangerous diseases. The cat really wanted to live, so every time she was given milk, she greedily grabbed the bottle with her teeth and continued to drink until her tummy was full. The baby was eating hard and growing. After two months, the baby had grown significantly, but was still very small compared to her peers. The kitten fits in a pocket. She grows up very playful, likes to hide, and then suddenly jump up and attack. She is the same as all kittens at her age.

By the way, this kitten was given the unusual name of the Settler. We hope that soon she will find a loving owner and grow well.

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