A girl from Izhevsk married a guy from Nigeria. Now in her blog she talks about life in the African village.

Natalia Yisa grew up in the Russian city of Izhevsk. She married a guy from Nigeria and went with him to his homeland. Now Natalia is a popular blogger who talks about the peculiarities of life in Africa.

About raising children

Sometimes I get the feeling that there are no children in Africa. Rather, there is, but only children under 2 years old. And then they immediately become like adults. Already at the age of 1, children are sent to school, where they are taught the alphabet and numbers. Children very quickly adapt to everyday adult life. Education is carried out according to the principle: do not engage in educational conversations, but be a good example. About fashion and beauty

In Nigeria, there are no such concepts as “male” and “female” colors. Clothes of all shades of pink, with flowers, lace and sequins – all this in Nigeria is worn by representatives of the strong half of humanity. And, I must say, this does not make them less courageous!

Turbans in Nigeria are not a tribute to fashion, they are a necessity. First, African women have such complex hair that it is easier to cover than to style. Secondly, if the hair is not hidden, it becomes covered with an incredible amount of dust and it is very problematic to wash it afterwards. About the difference with us.

Under white clothes, we wear white or flesh-colored underwear – so that it is invisible. And African women wear black underwear under white clothes – for them it is “bodily”. We consider bananas and mangoes to be exotic, but for Africans, apples are exotic. Apples are among the most expensive fruits in Nigeria.

It is customary for us to sunbathe, but here they use whitening soaps, shower gels and creams.

It is customary for mothers to prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner for their children. And in Nigeria, children cook food for their mothers. About everyday life and why this is not the most important.

There has been no water for 5 days. The previous time, “5 days” lasted a whole month. How do people live? They make a supply of water, collecting it in barrels. When stock runs out, buy. Who can afford – drill a well.

Electricity is supplied on schedule, mobile Internet is not always available. Now electricity is available from 8:00 to 14:00 and from 20:00 to 00:00. In general, you get used to everything. To some extent, it even disciplines: I plan in advance when I will charge the phone or use the Internet.

The couple have two children, son Jago and daughter Zara.

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