2 weeks later, my mother had a dream

At that time, my mother already had a long term, and she had been in the hospital for a week. The ward was for two people, and that week no one was added to my mother, and she, so to speak, enjoyed being alone. But a week later another woman was brought to the ward. She looked to be 35-40 years old.On the first day, my mother did not find out anything about her, she was only able to approximately determine her age, because the woman was unconscious: pregnancy, as she learned from the nurse, was difficult. The next day, the neighbor in the ward “came to life”. They started talking with my mother, and my mother found out that the woman’s name is Lyudmila, she is 37 years old, she lives in a remote village, works as a milkmaid, an orphan since childhood, she has no husband, and she gives birth “for herself”.It turned out that Lyudmila was on the 7th month of pregnancy, but she began to have some ailments, and she was put here for preservation. At that time, the villagers were treated with prejudice, for some reason they did not immediately examine it, but simply put it in storage.Lyudmila turned out to be an optimistic, cheerful, kind woman, so the relationship between my mother and Lyudmila went right right away. After a while, they became true friends. They chatted for days on end, and they were not at all bored, they even decided that they would definitely see each other after they were discharged. Mom felt sorry for the woman with such a difficult fate, so she kept asking her father so that when he came to her hospital, he would bring some food for Lyudmila.Lyudmila really saw little good in her life. For example, when her father brought her bananas, the woman wondered for a long time what kind of “outlandish fruit” it was, and called it “sweet potato”. “How delicious this sweet potato is, oh, what a delicacy!” Lyudmila rejoiced like a child. Mom was amused by Lyudmila’s childish naivete, sometimes she even felt much older than her. However, in the affairs of everyday life, Lyudmila was smart enough. She taught her mother how to knit, how to keep food longer, etc. In general, they could already be called good friends.Once Lyudmila became very ill. She was taken to the emergency room. As a result, it turned out that Lyudmila had hepatitis B, or, in other words, jaundice. Lyudmila was urgently placed in an isolation ward. Learning from the nurses about Lyudmila’s condition, my mother was horrified to learn that every day Lyudmila is getting worse. This made my mother very sad.

Two weeks later, my mother had a dream. As if she is sitting at home in the kitchen, and Lyudmila enters. She sits on a nearby chair and looks at her mother with a smile.

– OK it’s all over Now. I’m leaving here. I can’t stay here. And they don’t let me pick up my daughter, they say, you need to leave her here, ”says Lyudmila.

– So how is it here? And you don’t even have relatives! Mom is surprised.

“Yes, I wanted you, Marina, to ask for one request, but I’m ashamed, you did me so much good already …” Lyudmila says guiltily.

“Well, if I can do something, why not help?” Mom smiles.

“So, could you take my daughter with you?” And then she really remains with me completely …

And your two will be happy.

For some reason, Mom was not at all embarrassed by Lyudmila’s unusual request:

– So of course, but how, it’s impossible to leave more than one of your daughters like that. And tell me, what is her name?

Lyudmila had a cheerful smile on her face:

– That’s Angelina’s name, my Linochka. Thank you very much, Marina, I will not forget this, I will help you, and you will always see my help, you will not need, you will not regret that

She adopted my link. Then she and her mother hugged, Lyudmila got up and left.

The next morning, my mother found out that Lyudmila had died, but she had given birth to a daughter, albeit ahead of time, but a healthy, lovely baby. My mother was confused: her own family is not very rich, and here she can pull two children at once … But could she then forgive herself for neglecting Lyudmila’s last request? Then my mother remembered the phrase said to her in a dream by Lyudmila: “And your two will have joy …” To whom two? Her child and husband?In general, my mother, after a little hesitation, took the child. In the maternity hospital, so that my mother would not have to fiddle with documents, we went to meet her. They simply wrote down Angelina (as the mother called the girl, as Lyudmila asked) as the third child. Third, because my mother gave birth to twins! This is what Lyudmila meant by the phrase: “And your two will be happy …” Mom did not know until the last how many children she would have, because at that time they did not do ultrasound. Until the age of 16, my brother and I thought that Angelina was our own triplets, and Angelina herself thought so. The father was not against the third child and accepted Angelina as his own. And Lyudmila actually helped my mother. She often dreamed of her mother in dreams and thanked her, and in difficult moments of her life she always came with advice in her mother’s dreams. For example, in the 90s, my mother had to leave her job. Well, how to leave, in the 90s everyone fell under big layoffs, people were left without work, became impoverished. My mother was no exception. And now she dreams of Lyudmila. She fits to

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