Photographer accidentally captures a brilliant optical illusion of a ‘three-headed deer’ roaming the forest

At first glance, photographer Renatas Jakaitis seems to have captured something straight out of science fiction. Three deer heads seem to grow out of one body, looking at you from the snowy surroundings. This is not the work of Photoshop, but an optical illusion. The three-headed deer doesn’t exist, but it’s moments like these that amaze the imagination.

Getting an incredible shot like this often requires being in the right place at the right time. To take this picture, Jakaitis followed a deer through the forests of Lithuania, taking pictures along the way. The sound of a camera shutter caused the animals that were following each other to turn their heads at the same time – and this breathtaking picture was created.

Capturing such a photograph is an incredible stroke of luck, and she certainly was on the side of Yakaitis. “I think the shutter on my camera gave me away because the deer quickly raised their heads when I started filming them,” he says. “I was lucky that they all immediately looked at the camera before disappearing. After all, they all ran away as soon as they saw me! They must be camera shy.”

Since Jakaitis took the famous shot, he has continued to photograph wildlife. Scroll down the page to see some of his recent photos.

Photographer Renatas Jakaitis captured the surreal sight of the “three-headed” deer and continues to photograph wildlife.


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