The family built a house out of straw and elicited ridicule from neighbors, but proved themselves right

The young Garik family had been thinking about improving their living conditions for a long time, but did not have enough money to build a house or buy an apartment. Then they decided on a bold experiment and sheathed a wooden frame with huge straw blocks.

Some neighbors, seeing such an unusual building project, ridiculed them, but the young family continued to work on creating a house from carefully stuffed straw bales. They were confident in their success, since Bilyana Garik had an education in landscape design and knew the features of the material they were working with. She realized that straw was an excellent protection against the cold, which even proved that agricultural land was sometimes covered with straw mulch for the winter.

After the frame was covered with plaster, the house began to look more pleasant and serious in appearance. The first winter in such a house showed that Bilyana was not mistaken – the temperature inside the thatched house was higher than in the stone houses of her neighbors.

Now even some neighbors are thinking about building a house using “straw technology” and are turning to Bilyana for advice.

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