Doberman and cat: an unusual case of maternal care

Cooperation and kindness are the foundations of the world, especially in the context of the interaction of different species. The site tells about the case when a Doberman dog and a domestic cat were pregnant. But their birth was unsuccessful. All puppies were born dead, and the cat died during childbirth, but managed to give birth to three kittens.

The story took place on a farm in India owned by Subramani. When the worried and grieving dog saw the kittens, she felt that they were now her children. She began to feed, warm and protect them. She did not allow anyone, even the owner, to approach them, fearing that they might disappear. Now that the kittens have grown up, the dog has relaxed its guardianship, but still watches over them.

Kittens consider her their mother, as their behavior shows. Although such cases are not unique, they always cause good and warm feelings!

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