Discovering this hole on the ground, the diver decided to go down and take pictures of everything.

It could seem as though Trevor Ashby’s property is just another regular dairy farm with a small hole south of the Australian town of Mount Gambier. Yet when the diver came to the surface, he realized what he had never imagined: a complicated and uncharted environment. The floor hole is so small that the diver must be lowered separately from his diving gear.

Yet, a large, seemingly limitless cave is concealed beneath the small hole. “We had men who are diving in some of the most incredible places in the world, and we just couldn’t believe the magnitude of the space under our feet,” says Gary Barclay, a cave diving instructor. This amazing location is thought to be deeper than 120 meters. The funnel is renowned for its crystal-clear water and how beautifully sunlight passes through it on sunny days. The area was rented by the Ministry of Defense for testing in the 1970s. It is the location nearest to space. Visitor and diver Ball describes the underground environment as being very different.

This is the true Holy Grail for divers! And anyone up there will just see a gigantic hole in the earth filled with water.

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