This man put forth a lot of effort and was never late, therefore he received a $10,000 bonus.

She realized the benefits of consistently arriving early when a KFC employee in Macon, Georgia, got a $10,000 bonus for not missing or being late even one day in 2021. Khoury Booze was fortunate; he now intends to use his bonus to feed his family and maintain the mechanical integrity of his vehicle. She has been working eight-hour shifts five days a week at KFC since 1992, so she is familiar to their fryers. He deals with more than simply food, though. WMAZ announced the information on December 31, 2021.

Recibió cheque de diez mil dólares

It was made apparent by the branch manager, Christina Braddy, that Booze did not personally receive the incentive. Anyone who worked every day was eligible for a lottery, and by some strange twist of fate, this person managed to take home that particular bonus. He more than deserved the praise his supervisor gave him for the excellent work he did every day. You’re not compelled to ask him for anything. He supervises the process. He shows up each day for work. He fully commits. He claimed that when he told his mother, she didn’t believe him and felt he was being sarcastic.

Khoury Booze

Now that he has won, the illustrious employee intends to take his family on vacation and take care of some vehicle maintenance. But because he views his staff as an extension of his family, he still recalls them. I live with my family. At work, I have a family. Everything is OK since it’s like having a distinct family from your own. He suggested that young people who land employment at KFC stick with it, work hard, save money, and see what they can do in the long run.

Khoury Booze

For his 27th anniversary with the company, Burger King handed Kevin Ford a Reese’s bag, a few candy tubes, two pens, a reusable Starbucks cup, and a movie ticket. He expressed his gratitude for his kindness but noted that the gift was “something they had lying around.”


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