The government of the country provided a scholarship to a young guy who sold cakes on the street in order to assist him finish his schooling.

Years have been spent by Lucas Fernandes developing his passion for the bakery and confectionery industries. But now that he may succeed in achieving his objective, he will be able to go to college and pursue a career in nutrition. Young people rarely get the opportunity to boast about having the good fortune to attend a prestigious university and being able to choose their desired career there. Every family must work really hard to give their children the chance to pursue their education because it is frequently rather expensive in many nations.

Lucas Fernandes, a young person from Caruaru, Brazil, who has had to use several sources of cash to pay for his schooling, is one of these young people. Razoes Para Acreditar claims that Lucas began baking cakes at home and selling them on the street. He started off simply by purchasing used cooking and baking books, and over time, he meticulously improved his own recipes. Lucas purchased a closet door to use as a table for his street market business so that he could serve customers every day.

This young man has a significant social media following as a result of the success of his online films. A higher university became interested in his project as users started to promote it. The story revolves around the city’s College of Nutrition, whose administrators learned of Lucas’s tale and decided to award him a scholarship so he could attend classes for nothing. Lucas enjoys cooking and is constantly exploring for new recipes, but he has always wanted to work in nutrition and understand the components of the food that people eat.

“Knowledge will penetrate my brain and heart with the university. I can explain it now that I know what each element was.

Because to this scholarship, Lucas won’t have to worry about worrying about selling all of his cakes, which will free him up to completely focus on his business after graduation, enjoy his work without feeling rushed, and learn new skills.

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