His million-dollar home’s furniture is embellished with sketches and doodlings by an artist.

Even though for some, art only consists of hyper-realistic works, there are renowned painters who are in charge of producing works with unparalleled skill that to some might look immature. Yet tastes obscure the boundaries between genres. Sam Cox, a.k.a. Mr. Doodle, is a good example of this. Sam Cox, a 26-year-old “proudly millennial” artist from Kent, England, decided to paint the interior of his home with his instantly identifiable doodles, which have come to be associated with him throughout the world.

El Sr. y la Sra. Garabato

His Tenterden, Kent, house is pleased with the outcome after he spent over three years working on the project. The lines in the home doodle am Cox, also known as “the compulsive artist,” is well known for his doodles, which wind up becoming the main focus of his style in his work despite acting as inspiration for other artists. More than 2.7 million people follow Cox on Instagram.

Un lugar de sueños para Mr. Doodle

He would need every square inch of his new $1.35 million home. Cox began her project two months after acquiring her Kent house in December of last year. In order to create a blank canvas, she started by painting the entire house, from the front entrance to the farthest corner of her land. Each drawing has a distinctive motif that shows how space is used, and it changes based on the purpose of each part.

La entrada

As a result, the bedroom has a reflected environment, while the creative space is dominated by clouds and the kitchen has cooks, silverware, and dishes (many of which have hamburgers in them). I’ll display my greatest item tomorrow. I took two years to finish the task, which was something I’d always wanted to undertake. The goal of everything I’ve done up to this point has been to finish this assignment. After planning it for years, I meticulously examined and rethought every aspect of the project before I ultimately finished it. The public will see the artwork for the first time today because I kept its creation a secret from everyone but a select few.



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