The small youngster discovered a material other than rubber. Since he doesn’t have enough money to buy rubber, he gambles with his shoes.

Many kids are forced to drop out of school due to poverty in order to assist their family. Some people, however, never stop learning. A young Filipino demonstrated that nothing could stop someone from learning despite not being able to find the necessary school supplies in his pencil box. Because of their extreme poverty, Harold Labutong’s family cannot purchase an eraser. But with a little cleverness, the gum was accidentally switched. A classmate once told Harold that erasers are manufactured from rubber slippers when he requested for an eraser.

The boy has been considering how to transform a slipper into an eraser ever since. He ultimately limited the usage of his rubber slipper to correcting students’ in-class errors! Harold still loves him since he once loved him so deeply. Harold is a young man who is mature and intelligent, according to the class teacher. Yet, his family is not wealthy.

They can’t purchase the kid a new pencil and an eraser because he uses a nasty heel. Harold, though, keeps his optimism, and he hopes to finish his degree. Harold is by no means an exception considering that many of his classmates struggle just to pay for pencils at school. Harold has gained greater popularity in the classroom as a result of his creative rubber substitute!

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