The mother graduated from the university while she was still carrying the baby.

All women who are raising children on their own without the assistance of a spouse can find encouragement in the narrative of Briana Williams, a young single mother of 24. Briana gave birth to her first kid at a relatively young age, when she was still pursuing a law degree at Harvard University, one of the most prestigious universities in the world. When Briana’s partner found out she was expecting, he made the decision not to look after the child and left them in her care, leaving her with entire responsibility.

With this drive behind her, Briana gave her studies her all while taking the essential precautions for the growth of her unborn child. The arrival of this child seemed to pose a challenge to Briana’s professional development, but she was certain of two things: she wanted to complete her education and she wanted to be the best mother she could be for the young girl. Despite the difficulty of the work, Briana persisted, and the desired day eventually arrived. The baby was finally delivered in April of last year, bringing with her the greatest joy Briana had ever experienced and, as a result, a sense of pride that did not fit in her soul. Briana recently presented her daughter to the world in the best way possible on the day of her college graduation. With Evelyn, her child, in one arm and her law degree in the other, Briana couldn’t help but smile.

This accomplishment shows that if you work hard for what you really want, you can achieve it, which opens up new opportunities for other single mothers who have concerns about their capacity to raise a child alone. As Briana begins this new phase of her life, best wishes are sent her way. Also, congrats on your baby and graduation!

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