When two individuals are in love, nothing can stop them or separate them.

Television producer Juan Osorio from Mexico is happier than ever because his 27-year-old actress girlfriend Eva Gabriela has been at his side for more than a year. Rumors were the only information available about their relationship at the time, but as images of them holding hands appeared, they both spoke publicly about their love.

Their son Emilio traveled with them to Spain recently for a brief holiday, and the two have been posting on social media about how much fun they are having. Internet users have freely submitted opinions on a wide range of subjects, and the vast majority of them are unfavorable. She is 27 years old, the producer is 65, therefore there is a 38-year age difference between them. It is clear from her images how much they disapprove of the relationship.

They stated in the publications that they might resemble a father and daughter or even “grandfather and granddaughter,” adding that “she is too young for him.” There have been numerous reports that the girl has lost interest. The actress claims that Osorio is a great gentleman who has shown her care and value.

Because I think most women want a man by their side who appreciates, cares for, and values them, I believe that I search for or that many women identify with me in this regard. She continued, “I’m happy because I’ve found a lot of love, respect, and devotion (in Juan), but it’s completely unrelated to my work life.

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