We can witness a wide range of natural occurrences while traveling.

Alaska, one of the fifty states that make up North America, is one of the iciest but most amazing places on earth. Yet, it shares a border with Canada and not with the continent of North America. The 12-hour journey from Anchorage to Fairbanks is unforgettable, and the winter months are the best times to go. The view of the scenery from the train during the chilly nights is ideal for panoramic viewing. Arriving at Denali after making multiple stops along the road in Wasilia and Talkeetna, the journey begins in Anchorage. You can enjoy the other passengers’ company and strike up interesting talks with them while on the journey. Can you actually see the northern lights from the train, is the big query. The answer is not as straightforward as it first appears since, despite the station’s self-sufficient character, it is impossible to predict precisely how or when they will come; this depends heavily on the weather. You can take use of a variety of facilities along the road, including a unique coffee wagon that serves delectable nibbles and hot or cold beverages. Nevertheless, you’ll have plenty of free time.

Winter weather enthusiasts are encouraged to take the train ride.

Impressive snow-covered landscapes are seen.

The huge white mountains are seen from the train’s windows.

Many people hope to see the Northern Lights, but this may or may not come true.

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