This worker consumes meals from what turns out to be a container for washing powder.

The TikTok platform has developed into a social network where you can find all kinds of content. In addition, a lot of people now visit in search of solutions to a variety of issues as well as to share a variety of things, from videos or humorous experiences to things more serious, like actual life cases. Consider what occurred with a guy who became the target of jokes from his coworkers simply because someone was having lunch in a peculiar Tupperware container. A lot of individuals started to share and comment on the video as it swiftly gained popularity. The video of a construction worker eating during a break was shared by user @ josegarcia.jodasdeobra, who thought it funny that the worker was using dishwashing soap as a vessel for his meal.

It goes without saying that bringing tupperware to work is not unusual; in fact, there is a running joke about office workers and their use of this style of container to carry food. Yet, in this particular instance, jokes started to surface. Despite being brief, the video has received over 2.8 million views. Some people defended him, saying, “At least he sent her food; that woman is worth gold,” “But he is content with his food table,” while others responded with laughter.

He gives me the Coke in his Clorox bottle.

They wrote in the article, “Ayudn’s taper and the initial son’s knapsack are part of the uniform. They sent him in that taper since he definitely does not return the tapers. The humble recipient actually made a lot of people feel more at ease by letting them know that they were not alone in what they were going through.


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