Will they not all give back the diamond ring they found on the sand? Imagine that this person gave back.

On a Florida beach, Joseph Cook was using his metal detector when he came upon a platinum ring with a sizable diamond. The 37-year-old found the biggest diamond ring he has ever seen, and when he checked it out at a jeweler, it was determined that it was worth 40,000 dollars, which is equal to 400,000 kroner. According to the British publication Metro, Cook claims, “When I first spotted the ring, I assumed it was just a small penny, but then I dug up a massive diamond and platinum band.” Cook captured video while he was drifting and seeking the shoreline. We can see Joseph removing the ring in the video. “No, but look at this naughty guy, sky and sea, he’s real,” he screams joyfully as he discovers what is hidden beneath the sand. Cook could have simply sold the ring and made a small profit because no one knew he had discovered it. Yet he was committed to tracking down the owner. According to Metro, he called jewelry stores to find anybody who could have misplaced a ring and released the footage on social media right thereafter.

The jeweler informed me the ring was worth 40,000 dollars when I went to see him, says Joseph. Although it is the biggest diamond he has ever discovered, the price still astounded him much. That had been lying about with him for nearly a week. Unknown caller’s phone number Two weeks later, a number Joseph didn’t know began ringing on his phone. He initially didn’t answer the calls before realizing it might be the proprietors. Joseph made a follow-up call to a couple who, it turned out, had also misplaced a ring. – They felt really content. He underlines that returning the priceless ring is not at all disappointing for him. He, on the other hand, feels that it felt nice. He has a chain that has between 25 and 30 rings on it that he found. He’s still hoping to track down the owners so he can give them back. When I return something, I always discover something better, so I’m delighted I was able to give it back, says Joseph.

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