Moreover, a fox and a girl can become buddies. Every day the fox pays the girl a visit, and she always waits for him.

A fox The internet is buzzing over Fox Foxman’s tight friendship with Josefine Foxman, who shares the same last name. According to Sveriges Television, Fox the fox pays a daily visit to the woman who resides in Seda, Sweden. He stops there for food, to socialize with Josefine, and to see her tend to her horses. Josefine Foxman tells SVT, “I never imagined he would keep coming for so long. More than six months have passed since the fox first showed up to pay a visit, and during that time the two have gotten to know one another well.

Лиса украла кошелек ^.^, image #1

The fox frequently snoozes in front of Josefine’s Seda home and hangs out with her horses and cats. She explains, “We love to just “hang out” together.” Fox The majority of the responses that Foxman receives from people all over the world are captivated by their relationship. Many people, though, are not as enthusiastic about it. The county board has received a complaint about Josefine Foxman, but she claims to have spoken to the board and is not breaking any laws. It’s obvious that I don’t bring the fox inside. She claims that we frequently go outside and do things on his terms. – The fact that you introduce the animal to others is a major drawback. They may develop a dread of both people and cars.


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