This is the one that makes copies of trees so they can grow in number.

What would the world be like without forests? That is a question that no one should be asking oneself right now, but it is one that could eventually come to pass. David Milchard started a very ambitious project that was centered on reforestation. Using genetics, he essentially mimicked some traits of different species to grow them. The project is a team effort between family members, and one of their top aims was to grow sequoia or redwood trees, which are regarded as the biggest in the world. These trees may live for thousands of years and grow up to 100 meters tall and 8 meters wide.

These trees can be found in the national parks of California, where they were once very common. Photographic evidence shows that miners were depicted standing next to them at the time, highlighting their size. In 1994, David Milchard started making reproductions of Redwood trees. They are cultivated in San Francisco, California’s Presidio Forest Reserve. His program strives to rescue, safeguard, and care for trees on the planet, as well as the many advantages of preserving these enormous trees, including the ability to store more carbon and produce more oxygen.

Milchard, who has more than 40 years of experience in forestry, is certain that his project and the Archangel Ancient Tree Archive Foundation are having a positive effect. In addition to desiring more diversity in the forests and a potential for something similar to spread to other regions of the world, the objective is to propagate, gather, and replant redwoods.

Their three main goals are to reproduce old trees before they go extinct, preserve their genetic information for future generations in living libraries, and reforest the planet using descendants of ancient tree samples.

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