Since he wasn’t given a gratuity, the delivery guy ate the customer’s order.

The current state of affairs shows how many more individuals are forgoing in-store shopping in favor of doing everything from the comfort of their homes using just a clip and an app on their smartphones. Unquestionably, this is really beneficial for all of those food businesses because it allows them to reach a much larger audience and creates a lot more jobs for the young people who are so motivated and willing to work. Though this subject chose to pursue justice on his behalf in this instance, not all those who choose to give this service are honorable and sensible. We all know that these platforms are so effectively designed that they provide each consumer the choice of whether or not to leave a tip for the delivery person who is responsible for bringing the purchase to them. The Mexican, known online as @memin0409, believed that after publicizing his amazing achievement, he would receive applause; nevertheless, he had no idea that it would infuriate thousands of people, who referred to him as “dishonest, and little professional.”

They should put a magnifying glass on every member of the delivery team since the only result of doing this is that no one will want to purchase anything else from them. Tips are earned; they are not necessary because, in reality, only those who wish to provide them do so. This person chose a customer’s order of chips and salsa using the Uber Eats mobile app.

“I forgot to give him the fries, and the customer forgot to tip me.” In a video he uploaded to his TikTok account, the young man can be seen relishing the client’s fries. The boy intended for this to elicit admiration from online users, but the reverse happened.  Everyone hopes that this will serve as a teaching moment for the future employees who choose to offer this delicate service, even though many demand that they dismiss him and make him pay for the customer’s French fries.

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