Dreams can still come true, regardless of age. Grandmother still travels at the age of 92.

When Joy aged 85, she finally started traveling. She had always wanted to, but her money prevented her. She is living her dream today. Joy is a woman who lived her entire life at home, never even leaving her city, and was incredibly curious about everything. She spent the last 20 years at home after her husband and two of her children abruptly left, up until her grandson Brad paid a visit.

It all began when Brad described to her how Joy had traversed the Appalachian Trail and Joy admitted that she had no knowledge of either the sea or the mountains. She started a journey that he did not expect her to finish, which has already lasted for six years, when her grandson, moved by her confession, decided that he would be in charge of realizing her ambition.

Brad wanted to continue bringing Joy on adventures after that trip in 2015, so he created a GoFundMe page where they raised close to $80,000, which was more than enough money to visit 21 national parks in the United States. They have since traveled to more places than you can imagine, which she shares with her more than 50,000 Instagram followers in an effort to encourage people to take vacations.

He is happier than ever at 91, which has given him a second opportunity. At his age, he is acutely aware of how much has changed and that he is likely witnessing anything for the first and final time at any given moment. the way I conduct my life,” his grandson Brad stated.

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