At 84 years old, grandfather was the oldest applicant. He accomplished his goal of studying engineering.

Age is undoubtedly simply a number and, frequently, a restriction to cease performing certain things. When you reach that age, you are permitted to do that; however, once you exceed that age, it is no longer acceptable for you to wish to do that. In other words, no matter how little, how long, or how much it costs, there is always the ideal time to realize your dreams. Felipe Espinosa Tecuepetla, 84, a native of the state of Puebla, is serving as an inspiration for persons of similar ages as well as for children and adults who put off pursuing their dreams because of “x” or “and” reasons.

At the age of 79, Felipe made the decision to enroll in the Process Engineering and Industrial Management program at the Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla (BUAP) in 2016. Mr. Espinosa started his trip toward graduation with a sluggish walk, a cane supporting him, and a little knapsack on his shoulder, despite the fact that he was well aware of his limitations. He is conscious that commitment is required in order to reach his goals, despite the fact that his students may one day be his grandkids and have a different rhythm and lifestyle. Learning is great because it helps you get better and live a better life. You can do it, of course.

I don’t have an empty mind, I hear well, I see well, I can reason well, that’s what stops me, Felipe remarked. Despite his elderly age, Don Felipe never stopped working; whenever he had free time, he would visit the Central de Abasto and several markets in Tepeaca and Cholula to sell onions, chili, lemons, and tomatoes. He was the oldest applicant in the admissions process when he first enrolled at the university. Don Felipe was prepared for the challenges this new generation would encounter, and he did his best to adjust to technology and the various tasks he had to complete. “Times are changing, and you only live once,” he said. Like they say, you have to feel like it. Older monkeys must learn new skills in order to compete with younger ones. A very important factor in human progress is the mind. One of his five children, an engineer, is his only child.

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